Sausage and Maple Biscuit Sandwich

4 cooked sausage patties
4 cooked delicious biscuits
Darifair Acidified Maple Spread

Slice biscuits into halves. Spread Apple Darifair Acidified Maple Spread on both halves of biscuit, add sausage patty and build biscuit sandwich.

Roasted Turkey Sandwich on Ciabatta

On a toasted Ciabatta bun apply 0.75 oz. of the Green Goddess Spread on the heel and the crown. Layer 3 oz. of roasted turkey on the heel, sliced tomatoes and lettuce and top with the dressed Ciabatta crown.

Sweet and Savory Spreads

Sweet and Savory Spreads

Our award winning dairy-based savory spreads and dairy-based sweet spreads can turn a so-so dish into a flavor-rich experience. Tastier, more versatile and a better value, our spreads are sure to bring joy to all.

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