Liquid Cream Alternatives

Imagine a real dairy product that is healthier, easier to work with and has all the flavor of heavy cream––with only half the expensive butterfat. Introducing Daricream. It’s truly a breakthrough liquid cream alternative.

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Quality Dairy Products

For over 25 years, we’ve delivered tried and true dairy products with unbeatable freshness, quality, and consistency. Our market knowledge ensures customers get the best price. Simply put, we are your one source for all your dairy needs.

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Sauces, Spreads and Toppers

Finish everything from breads, vegetables and proteins with our chef-quality, flavor delivery systems. With rich, consistent flavors our sauces, spreads and toppers elevate the ordinary. Plus each one has several applications, saving you money.

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Specialty Blends

Simply combine our dairy blends with main ingredients to create crowd-pleasing items like decadent mac & cheese or creamy mashed potatoes. No additional expensive ingredients needed to make a flavor-rich, high-quality dish.

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From America's heartland dairies to you!
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